Sensing Solutions

Client F50 Enterprise Computing Company
Location USA
Scope Of Work Launching Adjacent Business

Project Detail

$100M partner investment for new solution


A top scientist in a leading computer and services company identified how numerous technology trends in sensing technology, networking, data storage and analytics were intersecting with the growing need to measure, monitor and control large-scale systems. The challenge was to identify specific high value sensing applications that would deliver returns for the company and clients in a reasonable time period. The primary issue was to identify specific sensing applications that were of high enough value to drive joint investment with a partner. There were also internal obstacles to overcome such as forming business teams between unrelated business units in order to access their specific and critical technology expertise.


ICG led a Collaborative Strategy Development project with client executives from five business units spanning the entire company. Together this group created one aligned cross-company strategy in the adjacent sensing solutions market. This was the first time these business units had come together to jointly target an adjacent market. Multiple opportunities were identified and pursued and the company CTO took the cross company sponsorship role. ICG developed and led a Guided Business Launch project to negotiate a partnership alliance with a major oil company in seismic imaging. The Evidence Based Execution Plan was essential to navigate a complex market landscape while developing new to world technology.


Over a four year period the client received investment of over $100M to develop new sensing solutions, and engaged companies across multiple industries on new opportunities.