Retail Printing Business

Client F100 Printing Company
Location US
Scope Of Work Launching Adjacent Business

Project Detail

Business grew to 7000 locations worldwide in four years


A leading printing company was looking to expand from home and office printing into the adjacent retail market. Digital cameras had just reached the mainstream and the client believed this was an ideal opportunity to disrupt the long-standing market leaders.


ICG started with a Collaborative Strategy Development project to identify and select a strategy with the client. A market landscape, competitive analysis and market opportunity analysis were conducted to prepare a complete view of this rapidly changing market. The selected strategy included two different service offerings and business models given the entrenched competition and the high level of uncertainty.

ICG led a Guided Business Launch to enter the market and rapidly gather evidence from customers and retailers. The client adjusted the scale-up strategy and gained support from senior executives to acquire a software company to reduce the time to market. During the Guided Business Launch the client built a new organization to execute the adjacent business. The client continued to make strategic adjustments to the business based on the rapidly changing consumer behavior and the retailers’ slow adoption cycle for new technology.


During the first year after launch the printing company, in partnership with a major retailer, tested the “Retail Creative Photo Category,” in stores across the US. The retailers increased their revenue by 50% on average and in some cases the new photo centers increased the revenue for the entire store. Over the next four years the retail footprint was increased to over 7000 locations worldwide.