Platform Leverage

Client Leading Printing Company
Location Worldwide
Scope Of Work Technology Platform Strategy

Project Detail

Created technology platform strategy for $5B+ business


A leading printing company was experiencing explosive growth and expanding into multiple new markets. Technology development had become the bottleneck to introduce new products necessary to capture the market growth. The fundamental issue was that every new product was demanding a technology specific for their needs leading to a proliferation of variants that was slowing development, adding cost without increasing customer value.

The most significant challenge was changing the control of the technology roadmap from being product driven to platform driven. Other issues included a lack of understanding about how to introduce more advanced, higher risk technologies into the tight product development schedules.


ICG consulted on the creation of a platform technology development process that changed the way new products were developed. The new platform strategy integrated the product requirements from the printer divisions into new releases over time. To demonstrate how this worked, a Guided Business Launch team was formed to define a wide range of products based on the first platform release. This convinced the printer divisions that they would get the technology they needed but more quickly and at a lower cost. A concurrent development model for printing technology was also introduced to support high-risk, high-value technologies to be readied over a longer time period before being committed to a product introduction.


Fifteen years later this platform technology process is used across the printing company’s consumer, office and commercial printing businesses valued at over $5B.