Leadership Growth Challenge

Client Computing Company
Location Worldwide
Scope Of Work Expanding Leadership Capability

Project Detail

Award winning innovation leadership development program


A Fortune 50 computing company identified a major issue limiting growth outside of their core businesses. Namely, they had not developed the capabilities of their emerging leaders to drive growth into high-ambiguity ventures, such as adjacent businesses. The company still had high potential employees with both the interest and competence but they were now doing jobs that were more focused on optimization rather than growth. Additionally the company wanted to improve the methodology for how new opportunities were identified and developed.


SVP and EVP leaders from the client’s global business units and HR decided to make a significant investment in developing their emerging leaders. ICG Executives were retained to collaborate on the program design, content and mentoring program.

The comprehensive program design included a six-month blended learning experience, comprised of face-to-face formal and virtual learning (with client, external thought leaders), a growth challenge project, mentoring from a client expert and executive visibility. The Leadership Growth Challenge program was designed for cohorts of 60 participants that are high potential managers who are on track to become Directors/GM’s or a similar level on the technical career path. A rigorous nomination and selection process was used to select the emerging leaders that also had the right competencies to lead high-ambiguity businesses.

Participants were put into teams of six people and each was given a growth challenge project. The projects were sourced from client VP’s and focused on adjacent business growth. The VP’s remained engaged to guide the teams and also allocated funding if the project outcome looked promising. Additionally, each project team had a dedicated client mentor who provided coaching and valuable contacts.  The client retained a world-class university and ICG Executives to deliver formal learning content including the Adjacent Business Methodology and Decision Analysis.


The program results exceeded all expectation both from a leadership development and project perspective. Over 200 emerging leaders have benefited from the program and formed their own cohort network to support each other as they take on higher-level roles. The program was a Gold winner of the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards.