HPC Adjacent Markets

Client High Performance Computing Company
Location USA
Scope Of Work Adjacent Business Portfolio

Project Detail

Developed HPC Portfolio for Adjacent Markets


C-Suite Executives in a leading high-performance computing company decided to exploit future technology trends while benefiting from a strong market position. They projected their core business growth would level off in three to five years unless they could successfully move into adjacent markets.


Our Executives led an Collaborative Strategy Development project with the objective of identifying between 3 and 5 Investment Grade Options in adjacent markets. An immediate challenge was to effectively channel the client’s internal investigation into technology and competitive trends into an adjacent business portfolio. ICG linked into the client’s research and facilitated a process to identify findings with business growth potential. Over 30 ideas were reviewed and merged leading into three opportunity teams. ICG mentored the opportunity teams to identify the most promising adjacent businesses strategies in each area. Seven Investment Grade Options were presented to the C-Suite Executives and two businesses were selected for launch. ICG’s Adjacent Business Methodology was customized for the client to efficiently capture their valuable work while maintaining the rigor of the Decision Analysis approach.


Together, ICG and the client defined seven Investment Grade Options for consideration by the executive staff. Dozens of key employees actively participated in the process thereby increasing their capability to drive future business growth initiatives.  Two adjacent business strategies were approved for launch.