Fortune 50 Investment Portfolio

Client Technology Development Division
Location USA
Scope Of Work Technology Investment Portfolio
Schedule 2015

Project Detail

Led corporate strategy to increase investments by $100M


Executives in a technology development division in a Fortune 50 company wanted to explore options and create a new strategy for their investments and assets over a 10 year horizon. Their challenges included frequent changes in corporate leadership, a desire for outsourcing of technology rather than internal development and commoditization in some of the markets they served.


ICG led an Collaborative Strategy Development project with the objective of generating maximum value from the technology development assets over the next 10 years. ICG led a broad market landscape to gain an external-in view and a targeted competitive analysis of their key competitors. Five diverse Investment Grade Options were developed that ranged from gradual divestment to much more aggressive partnership options. All five strategies were modeled from a uncertainty adjusted value perspective including Evidence Based Execution plans.


A new portfolio investment strategy was selected that contained elements of the current approach with new business and funding mechanisms. The strategic thinking, financial analysis and the transparency of the executives built credibility and trust at the corporate level. The recommended changes were adopted leading to over $100M new investments in facilities and R&D.