Corporate IP Licensing Program

Client Fortune 50 High Tech Company
Location Worldwide
Scope Of Work Corporate-wide IP Licensing

Project Detail

Grew $1B IP Portfolio 9% annually


A Fortune 50 high tech company had significant IP assets that were no longer required for their core businesses. The client’s previous approach emphasized assertions and legal action to force companies to pay licensing royalties. This approach had not significantly increased the licensing revenue and had created confrontations with other companies.


ICG led a Collaborative Strategy Development project to shift to a non-litigious licensing strategy. This approach is not only possible; it can lead to long-term, sustainable, and positive relationships between licensor and licensee. The key is to find potential matches where technology, brand, copyrighted material and even patents can add tangible value to a prospective licensee. A key step in the Evidence Based Execution Plan was to prove that this new IP licensing strategy would be supported by the business units. The synergies between IP Licensing and the business units were rapidly demonstrated thereby resulted in strong support for licensing activities from the business unit executives. Approaches to prospective licensees were designed specifically to generate genuine, incremental value for their own product portfolios.


The client developed many positive licensing relationships and, without resorting to litigation, or even the threat of litigation, grew our licensing business by over 9% per year. And, over a five-year span more than $1B in IP licensing revenues were generated through carefully cultivated relationships with a spectrum of licensees ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 50 companies, to large governmental agencies.