Missing Middle Workshop

The Missing Middle Workshop

New Business Growth with Less Risk

JUMPSTART New Business Strategy for your company.

Breakthrough One Day Workshop

Find Your Growth

Is your business stagnating?
Are you facing mounting competition?
Does your team need to engage in growth more strategically?
Do you need to move beyond marginal expansions of your core business ?
Do you need better options than high risk investments in new markets and technologies?

You and your leadership team will leave with a strategy to leverage your company’s existing assets and capabilities

Missing Middle Workshop is for your strategy team.     

Ignite your team


Your Team will Leave With:

  • Team clarity and alignment

  • New growth opportunities for your business

    • Quantifiable

    • Lower Risk

  • A new way to plan growth strategy

  • Tools to manage a new growth process

  • Path to exploit them

Let us help you figure out if this workshop is right for your team and business

How Do I Learn More

Have you found your Missing Middle?

You could be missing your highest value growth opportunity!  Businesses are missing the middle –they are being forced to choose between their core business and investing in something completely new. It’s the classic innovator’s dilemma, and you get stuck with limited growth, or too much risk.

Instead, there is a middle ground which involves less risk and uses your existing capabilities as a competitive advantage. Its called an adjacency. The business that is right next to your’s, but you just might not see it, or know how to tackle it.

Innovation Catalyst Groups’s adjacent business service helps you understand, quantify and target the development of that missing middle. Innovation Catalyst Group’s “Find your Missing Middle for Growth” workshop is a place for a business’s operations team to connect and contribute to their company’s growth strategy.

Missing Middle Workshop Outcomes

  1. Create a shared view of your current business portfolio
  2. Identify the key risks limiting your business growth
  3. Create a strategy to grow your Missing Middle.
  4. Galvanize your team to lead

Reduce Innovation Risk

Innovation Catalyst Group successfully identifies NEW, lower risk value-driving opportunities for clients and creates precise strategies around those undiscovered opportunities. We are a cohesive team of former executive-level HP internal consultants who have 25+ years leading in high tech. Collectively we have led ventures and teams worth well over $4B annually.

An Innovation Catalyst Workshop is different

  1. We ask you to bring your team. We find it is important to strengthen the strategic capacity of your entire functional team with representatives across the value chain.
  2. We deliver authentic experiential learning to build an invaluable resume of success in real time.

What you’ll learn is how to find the “missing middle” of adjacent opportunities, and never have to force your team to choose between your core business and something new and innovative.


As the team lead learner:

Discover how adjacent business growth could work for my business and explore my team’s capacity for this strategic approach

  • Understand how an adjacent business approach would be different from our past strategic growth efforts
  • Plan who would need to be involved and the time it would take to build an adjacent business growth strategy
  • Assess my team and my business’s readiness for adjacent business growth

As the staff member learner:

Develop my strategic thinking skills and understand how I can use them to contribute to adjacent business growth strategy at my company

  • Strengthen my strategic thinking skills and expand my toolkit of methodologies to include adjacent business growth
  • Understand how adjacent business strategy could apply in my functional area
  • Understand the personal investment and skills needed to contribute to adjacent business growth strategy development

Curious About The Missing Middle Workshop

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A modest investment for an 8 hr, one day session for up to 25 people at your location.


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