About Us

About Us

Intrapreneur Consultants-  Strategic Growth

The Innovation Catalyst Group guides profitable growth in adjacent businesses for established high-tech and manufacturing companies. We are a team of experts (Intrapreneur Consultants) who collaborate with our clients to develop investment grade growth options and guide the launch of selected adjacent businesses. Our rigorous methodology is optimized for adjacent business growth and features our unique uncertainty adjusted value and evidence based execution tools.  See the Innovation Catalyst Group Difference.

We have created adjacent business growth in over 35 projects:

For products and markets that have changed business and a few that have changed the world.

Intrapreneur Success

It’s NOT About Us

We make our engagements about you, your leaders, your business, your organization, not about us. 

  • We work hand in hand with your team
  • We integrate our methodology into your business for rapid adoption
  • We are committed to your leader’s professional development
  • We act as change agents
  • We go the extra mile to transfer our knowledge, tools, and skills to you so that you can and will adopt them

The result?

Your leadership team is poised to lead the launch of new innovative businesses today and in the future.