Guiding Profitable Growth in Adjacent Businesses

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Growth Through Strategic Innovation

Our World Class Team Will Help You Identify and Pursue High Value Innovation Options

ICG has real world experience from leading or mentoring 35+ major new innovation projects and managed $75M in venture funds.  Our consultants are acknowledged experts in disruptive and new innovation, from  business growth strategy to successful launch.  We collaborate with your company, mentor your teams and create customized, repeatable approaches to guide your success.

Industry leaders with the expertise to guide profitable growth in adjacent markets

ICG Understands the Challenges and Risks of Adjacent Growth

Navigating innovation challenges and business strategy are critical for your business future.  Often companies that have successful core business have difficulty identifying “what’s next”. 

Identifying new businesses is not as straightforward as it seems (why adjacent business fail). Finding and launching adjacent business opportunities is risky, and cannot use the same approach and metrics as your core business.  Increasing your success rate takes new skills and methodologies.  That’s where Innovation Catalyst Group can help.

Guiding Businesses to Profitable Growth in Adjacent Markets.

Catalyzing Profitable Growth: Successfully Exploiting Market Adjacencies

Hardware + Manufacturing

Collaborative Strategy Development

Create compelling new business opportunities.  Innovation Catalyst Group guides your team to create and value Investment Grade Options to enable your business growth.

Adjacent New Business Launch

Develop winning adjacent businesses while developing your team.  Innovation Catalyst Group partners with your team to create, select, and launch successful adjacent businesses.


Leadership Development for Growth

Our customized leadership development program creates the needed focus and mentorship to develop your emerging leaders while they are tackling real growth projects.