Investment Grade Options

Informed Decisions depend on rigorous analysis and transparency

An Investment Grade Option is rigorously defined for each adjacent business opportunity that external investors would view as credible and attractive.


A holistic strategy is defined for adjacent business opportunities:

  • Target customers and the client’s value proposition versus competitors
  • Specific product or service and financial model
  • Go-to-Market design for launch through scale up
  • Leveraged internal capabilities
  • New internal capabilities
  • Required value chain partnerships
  • Internal organizational structure and governance
  • Execution Based Launch plan

Uncertainty versus Value

Applying the metrics and funding approach used in core businesses too early is a well known cause for new business failures. For example, in new businesses, uncertainty analysis is just as important as understanding the size of the opportunity. A number of rigorous tools are used with the client to identify the key uncertainty areas and optimize how to learn quickly and at the lowest possible cost. This also provides transparency and alignment with the executive decision makers about how to focus the business launch.