How ICG is Different

Experienced Leaders and Proven Methods


Innovation Catalyst Group taps our deep growth skills and clients’ industry expertise to build successful adjacent businesses.

Components for Adjacent Business Success

ICG taps our clients’ industry expertise to build successful adjacent businesses.

Not Your Usual Consulting Firm

ICG has firsthand experience with numerous large consulting firms. We have seen how their approach to adjacent business strategy results in limited strategic creativity. Equally significant is the loss of empowerment for your middle managers making execution difficult if not impossible.

ICG will work hand in hand with your team to identify creative strategies, explore a variety of options, drive informed decisions and guide execution excellence. Others firms prefer to analyze information independently and then deliver closeted recommendations in the form of highly polished presentations and analysis.


We are seasoned experts that collaborate with our clients in the development of Investment Grade Options and we guide your team during the launch of the selected adjacent businesses.


Our rigorous methodologies are designed specifically to identify high-value adjacent business options and feature ICG’s unique Decision Analysis and Evidence Based Execution tools.

Mentoring your Team

We aspire for every engagement to catalyze change in your company and transfer our knowledge, tools, and skills to your leaders.

Domain Knowledge

We strive to harness your industry domain knowledge while bringing our expertise into the mix so we get the best decisions with full transparency and ownership.