Decision Analysis

Making great decisions is a process, not just following the loudest voice

The science of Decision Analysis has been used for decades in many industries including pharmaceuticals, energy and natural resources. More recently these practices have been applied to high uncertainty decisions associated with creating, selecting and launching adjacent businesses. Decision Analysis in the context of adjacent businesses is more than logical methods to create options and uncertainty analysis. It also includes bringing out the collective knowledge of groups and organizations and methods to make more informed group decisions. The focus is to bring all relevant information and knowledge forward, not just the loudest voices. We strive to harness your industry domain knowledge while bringing our expertise into the mix so we get the best decisions with full transparency and ownership.

Uncertainty versus Value

Uncertainty is a key example of how Decision Analysis methods are used to evaluate adjacent businesses. Unlike established businesses, the potential of new businesses are equally understood through the uncertainty and the value they contain. A number of rigorous tools are used with the client to identify the key uncertainty areas and optimize how to learn quickly and at the lowest possible cost. This also provides transparency and alignment with the executive decision makers about how to focus the business launch.