Adjacent Business Methodology

ICG’s Adjacent Business Methodology is focused on the business strategy of creating and launching adjacent businesses. It has been developed over 35 business launches and is informed by hundreds of years of combined experience from our business practitioners.


Collaborative Business Strategy Development

With clients, we start in the Prepare phase by developing a shared understanding of the current business. This is the business strategy foundation for creating well-grounded opportunity landscape. During the Explore phase, we create multiple adjacent business strategies and options within the selected opportunity areas. We rigorously study the customer and the market dynamics. In the Converge phase we utilize a rigorous Decision Analysis approach to analyze and select the most promising strategies. An Investment Grade Option proposal provides the client executives a holistic view of the investment and support required to successfully make an Executive Decision and launch the business.

Guided Business Launch

We believe that the best possible strategy is developed hand-in-hand with our clients and provides focus for business leaders in the field of play. As the market responds the leadership team must recognize what constitutes a significant development. This becomes much easier with the robust Evidence Based Execution plan used by Innovation Catalyst Group. Leaders can quickly evaluate the significance of the change and if an adjustment is necessary, they needn’t go back to square one. Rather, they revisit the previous plan, adjust the affected factors and decide how to respond.

Investment Grade Options

An Investment Grade Option is rigorously defined for each adjacent business opportunity that external investors would view as credible and attractive. Each option includes an economic model that details where the highest cost uncertainties reside.

Evidence Based Execution

ICG’s Evidence Based Execution approach is focused on rapid learning and iteration. ICG guides you to apply this approach in your business launch to increase your success rate, lower the cost of learning and gain credibility with your executives.

Decision Analysis

Decision analysis methods improve decision-making under conditions of high uncertainty. ICG uses this approach to create more clarity within teams and investors deploying a number of tools for option analysis, risk-based economic analysis and techniques for facilitating group decision-making.