How We Work

In seamless collaboration

  • We create an opportunity landscape for your business
  • We explore multiple adjacent business strategies and options
  • We analyze strategies using value and uncertainty
  • We propose Investment Grade Options for rigorous decisions
  • We guide business launches based on evidence

ICG’s Adjacent Business Methodology is focused on one thing; creating and launching adjacent businesses. It has been developed during over 35 business launches and is informed by hundreds of years of direct experience from our business practitioners.

“Phenomenal; You left a mark on Cray. There is a lot of ownership in the strategies because it came from the team.”

KM, VP Corporate Development


Our job is to guide you in adjacent business growth.  The result?  Your leadership team is poised to create and lead the launch of new innovative businesses today and in the future.

Creative Options, Informed Decisions, Execution Excellence

The approach taken by the Innovation Catalyst Group is unique. We unleash and harness your creativity and innovation. We believe that working hand in hand with our client is the best way to deliver creative options, informed decision and execution excellence. Many consulting firms prefer to analyze the client’s information independently and then deliver closeted recommendations and analysis. ICG’s firsthand experience with these firms has consistently shown that their approach results in limited strategic creativity and a loss of empowerment for the client’s managers, making execution difficult if not impossible. 

Creative Options

Experience tells us that strategy is best developed by those who will be implementing it.  Together, we will create adjacent business strategies that are built from your strengths. We use a rigorous a Decision Analysis approach to analyze and select the most promising options. Your team will understand deeply what strategy options were considered, what makes the selected strategy more robust and what evidence is essential during launch to prove the strategy will be successful.

Informed Decisions

In venture funded businesses entrepreneurs often talk about the importance of getting smart money; that is money invested by people with expert knowledge and contacts to guide the business leaders. The same concept is equally true inside of established companies. You want internal investors that are well informed about your adjacent business opportunity and prepared to add their support. ICG’s Investment Grade Options for adjacent business investments give internal decision makers the key information to decide and then actively support the new business.

Execution Excellence

We believe in developing robust strategies that are designed to evolve as market realities play out. ICG’s Evidence Based Execution approach focuses the team on rapidly testing and validating the key assumptions identified during the strategy development process. This is a stark contrast to the operationally driven mindset required for core business excellence.