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ICG’s comprehensive service offerings start where your need is

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ICG believes that business growth is essential for your survival and the best opportunities are adjacent businesses. We believe that you can leverage much of the required capabilities and knowledge for disruptive innovation from your core businesses, but only if it is identified and tapped.

Having led or guided over 35 adjacent businesses, we know that achieving a high rate of success depends on insuring your team has the required skills and methodologies.

The ICG team got us to think beyond our line extension opportunities to some opportunities that could move the needle.”

Ryan Waite, SVP Products- Cray

Innovation Catalyst Group Services

ICG’s comprehensive service offerings start where your need is. These services are built on our capabilities.

Pricing is optimized to deliver just what you need, please contact us for a quote.

Innovation Catalyst Group is focused on adjacent businesses growth.  Whether you need disruptive innovation across your portfolio, a single business planned and launched or need to develop your leaderships skills in growth strategy, ICG will work with your team from start to finish; from opportunity creation to business launch.

The Collaborative Strategy Development service provides a comprehensive approach to creating Investment Grade Options for your business growth. Companies use this option to move fast from business design to revenue.

The Guided Business Launch service is selected by our clients when they have already decided to invest in an adjacent business opportunity but they are not confident that they will be able to execute the launch successfully. ICG will start with a detailed review of the strategy and work with the client to build an Evidence Based Execution plan to focus the team on the key assumptions underlying the business case.

People learn by doing and businesses typically have a list of growth projects that are in need of focused and creative engagement. The Leadership Growth Challenge delivers both. Our customized leadership development program creates the needed focus and mentoring to develop your emerging leaders while they are tackling real growth projects.

ICG brings our capabilities into your team to augment your internal resources where necessary.


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